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Roy Keane is disappointed with Derby Manchester

The Man Utd legend looked depressed when he saw the most elegant Derby Manchester in history.

Contrary to the opinion of football prediction experts, the most anticipated match in the 12th round of the Premier League between Man Utd and Man City was not as attractive and dramatic as expected. The goalless draw reflected exactly what happened on the field as the two teams played too safe and did not seem ready to risk going up to find the full 3 points.

Witnessing the showdown between Man Utd and Man City, legendary Roy Keane shared that he felt very disappointed. This is also the general perception of those who have watched football live in this match.

Specifically, sharing on Sky Sports, the former captain of the Red Devils said:

“In terms of the squad quality, it is clear that we have the right to expect and expect high levels from both teams in this match. This is one of the worst Derby Manchester games I have ever seen. The players lacked the desire to win clearly. The referee only pulled out 2 correct cards, this shows how high safety is placed and the dedication is almost gone.

I have never seen a Derby match when the two sides ended up hugging and chatting so much.

If I go to a Derby, I will be very angry and disappointed because we go on the pitch and determined to do everything to win. I was right before the game when Man City dominated this match with a superb ball control time. However, that number is meaningless when they just pass back and forth and it is too predictable. With the quality of the squad, it is disappointing to see Man City play like that”.

Regarding Man Utd, their defense deserves praise for their good performance. However, in general, this is still a lack of fire and brings a lot of boredom.

With the draw at Old Trafford this morning, Man Utd continued to stand in 8th place and Man City was right behind with 1 point less.

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Salah played for 90 minutes, coach Jurgen Klopp said?

Although the match against Midtjylland this morning was only procedural, coach Jurgen Klopp still surprised when he used Mohamed Salah for 90 minutes.

On the morning of December 10, the final matches of the Champions League group stage 2020/2021 took place. In Group D, Midtjylland welcomes Liverpool in a match that no longer has any special meaning. The home team was definitely eliminated with the bottom of the table, while The Kops won a ticket to the 1/8 round from the previous match with the first place.

Therefore, the football experts predict before the match, coach Jurgen Klopp will create opportunities for most of the stars to regularly sit on the bench as well as young players to express themselves. However, the German military leader was surprised when he launched a very strong squad. Before that, Mr. Klopp often complained about the dense competition schedule that affected his students’ health.

In this match, two Liverpool attackers Diogo Jota and Mohamed Salah plowed for almost 90 minutes. As for Jota, he appeared on the field until the 87th minute, while Salah even played the full game. It should be remembered that the Egyptian striker previously plowed his full reception to Wolves in the Premier League last weekend (Liverpool won 4-0).

Explaining his difficult decision, coach Jurgen Klopp said:

“You can change your roster in a match that is not so important, but you still have to keep some pillars. The Liverpool defender is having problems and that is why I let Fabinho play 45 minutes. In midfield, Naby Keita does not play often and he also cannot complete the match.

We decided to use Salah because of the circumstances on the pitch during the game. It is all for professional service. He looked fine and showed no signs of fatigue, if not very aggressive. So I decided to let Salah play the full 90 minutes. I met and talked to him after the first half, Salah said he was fine and no problem. So he continued to play until the end of the match”.

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Highlights after Liverpool 0-2 Atalanta match

Contrary to the opinion of football experts, Liverpool had a very poor playing day and deserved a defeat against a more determined opponent.

Liverpool’s worst match under Jurgen Klopp?

After Liverpool’s impressive 3-0 win over Leicester City last weekend, live football viewers await the Kop’s next sublime performance against opponents they have once beaten. 5 goals not removed in the first leg, Atalanta. Most football prediction experts assess that victory is completely within the reach of the British champions when Atalanta is experiencing a severe crisis of performance during the past time.

However, contrary to judgment, the red shirt team had 90 minutes of extremely disappointing at home. Not only did they show a fragmented play, a rare link loss, Liverpool could not stand up to effective attacks from Atalanta. It is possible to sympathize with the Anfield team when coach Jurgen Klopp has made many changes in the squad with the appearance of young players, but this does not excuse their total defeat. before the opponent. Even Liverpool’s strikers did not even have a hit goal in this match.

Night of the number 10 on the Atalanta side

It can be said that the character who directly brought 3 points to Atalanta in the match this morning was Alejandro Gomez. Not only showing the ability to regulate a super match, the Argentine star also prints the shoe directly in both Atalanta’s goals in this match.

At the opener, Gomez was the one who directly made the cross as if to let llicic score. In the goal that set the victory for the white shirt team, Gomez was the one who initiated the situation with the correct opening for Hateboer to have conditions for Gosens to finish easily to defeat Alisson.

Liverpool cannot be subjective

With Ajax winning all 3 points last night before Midtjylland, Liverpool is still leading the table, but the distance between them and the two teams behind Atalanta and Ajax has been reduced to 2 points. In the last two matches, Liverpool will have a confrontation with direct opponent Ajax. Meanwhile, the other opponent Midtjylland also holds many dangers as they have definitely been eliminated and will play with the spirit of having nothing to lose.

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Messi was upset with the question after Argentina’s win

Lionel Messi and the Argentina team just beat Peru 2-0 to take second place in the 2022 World Cup qualifying group in South America.

Lionel Messi did not score or assist Argentina against Peru. After the match in Lima, the Barca striker received a question from the reporter that perhaps annoyed him.

First, when asked to comment on this victory, Messi emphasized: “We are becoming stronger as a team.

La Pulga stressed that the 2-0 score not only shows good results, but Lionel Scaloni’s team is starting to find effective play.

With an unhappy face, Messi replied: “Whenever I come here, it’s because I try to do my best. Because I feel capable of doing, helping this team, continuing to fight for the shirt that I give”.

Messi wants to leave Barca not only because of a conflict with the club but also an “enemy” that is the Spanish tax department, which also happened as Ronaldo before.

Lionel Messi is considering his future and looks likely to leave Barca for reasons outside of football. That is the same problem that caused Cristiano Ronaldo to leave Real Madrid in 2018.

Specifically, Messi’s problem with the Spanish tax authority is the reason why Ronaldo left Real Madrid before. Not far away, immediately after spending a 15-hour flight from Argentina to Barcelona, ​​Messi immediately met the tax inspector at the airport asking him to work.

The owner of the Golden Ball had thought of leaving Barca because of his frustration with the tax authorities in 2013 and 2014. This war culminated in 2017 when the court sentenced Messi and his father to 21 and 15 months of suspended prison term. for tax fraud worth more than 4 million euros.

Before moving to Juventus, Ronaldo also struggled with the Spanish tax authorities. This tension ended in January 2019 when CR7 decided to completely resolve the dispute over tax evasion allegations that took place from 2012 to 2014.

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Messi and his teammates made it difficult for Barca on the salary negotiation table

Messi and his teammates are making it difficult for Barca’s leadership on the negotiating table to reduce the salary to solve the financial difficulties of the club.

Messi and his teammates have yet to reach an agreement with Barca’s interim leadership on salary cuts. The source of La Vanguardia newspaper said, the latest meeting between the representatives of the two sides took place on Wednesday this week but has not come to a mutual agreement.

Barca’s leadership suggested players reduce about 30% of their salary this season, equivalent to about 190 million euros. Meanwhile, the players want to agree with the new leadership of the club, not the temporary bureaucracy that only handles simple administrative procedures.

This negotiation has been going on for more than 2 months but has yet to find a common voice. The two sides will meet again next Monday (November 23) to completely resolve this issue.

If it is not possible to reach an agreement with the players, Barca’s interim leadership may have to unilaterally decide to reduce salary. But this also means that they will face a class action lawsuit from the players.

Earlier this year, Messi and his teammates accepted a 70% salary reduction to help the club overcome financial difficulties when the COVID-19 outbreak broke out. But because the epidemic has not been extinguished, Barca’s income this season has been severely damaged.

Financial experts predict that the COVID-19 translation will make Barca lose about 300 million euros in the 2020/21 season. Therefore, the club needs to cut about 190 million euros in player salaries to avoid bankruptcy.

Barca are trying to reach personal agreements with some key players such as Ter Stegen, Pique, De Jong and most importantly, Messi, the highest paid player in the team.

On the other hand, Barca is also expected to reap about 200 million euros from the sale of a 50% stake in Barca Corporate which owns Barca Studios, Barca Licensing & Merchandising, Barca Innovation Hub and Barca Academies.

Before that, Barca had to sell a series of old players with high salaries such as Luis Suarez, Ivan Rakitic or Arturo Vidal.

Spanish financial experts forecast that if Barca can not persuade the players to reduce their salary, the club may have to declare bankruptcy early next year.

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MU languished for Cavani to debut

Edinson Cavani is unlikely to have a MU debut in the Newcastle match this weekend. But the Premier League giants beware the Uruguayan star.

Back after the national team series, MU fans are hoping to see their beloved team change their skin, get up after the 1-6 defeat with Tottenham. There, rookies like Edinson Cavani or Alex Telles, who only joined the “Red Devils” during the summer transfer window, were expected to have a manucian debut.

According to The Athletic, MU has found ways for Cavani to shorten the quarantine period. However, the rookie of the “Red Devils” must complete their quarantine until October 20. Cavani could not launch the MU shirt color during a trip to Newcastle’s field.

MU confirmed that Cavani took another week to quarantine. On October 21, “Red Devils” met PSG in the Champions League group stage 2020/21. Cavani is allowed to play in this match, but must be ready for fitness and form on the pitch.

Although Cavani could not immediately contribute to MU in the Premier League 2020/21, fans of “Red Devils” still have reasons to wait for this blockbuster contract with 0 VND. Because, Cavani was really a threat to the English Premier League giants during the period when he was on the PSG payroll or before that, Napoli.

According to statistics, Edinson Cavani has an extremely impressive record against the English Premier League giants. The Uruguayan striker has a total of 19 encounters with the giants of the “Big 6” group. Of these, Tottenham, the team that recently defeated MU 6-1, is the only British giant that has never faced Cavani.

Statistics from Planet Football show that Chelsea is the team that Cavani faces the most with 8 matches, including 4 wins, 2 draws and 2 defeats. In these 8 matches, “El Matador” scored 3 goals and 2 assists; with an average of 202.6 minutes / goal and every 121.6 minutes it contributes to a goal (to score or assist).

Next is Liverpool. When he was in Napoli and PSG, Edinson Cavani 4 times faced the Merseyside red shirt team, with a record of winning 1, drawing 1 and losing 2 matches. In these 4 matches, Cavani stunned, in return 2 assists. When facing the defending Premier League champions, Cavani takes part in a goal every 162.5 minutes of the host team.

With Man City, Edinson Cavani’s head-to-head record is much better. The 33-year-old striker scored 3 goals after 4 encounters, and the host team won 1, lost 1 and drew 2 matches. On average, Cavani every 115.6 minutes makes the MU neighboring team net.

Edinson Cavani twice faced Arsenal in the past, drawing both matches. Although he only played 2 matches, he also had 2 goals. Thus, whenever he confronts “Gunners”, he scores again.

And finally MU. Cavani has only met MU once in the past, which was a PSG defeat 1-3 in the Prince’s Park yard. Only in this match it took until the 90 + 5 minute, coach Tuchel let Cavani in. And of course that was not enough for him to make any mark.

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Rivaldo: “Messi and Ronaldo help each other regain the top when confronted”

The former Barca striker believes that matches between Barca and Juventus in the Champions League group stage this season will be attractive to the world by Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

“It’s great to seeLionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo face off again. They will light up the whole tournament, because the whole world wants to see the top two superstars compete,” Rivaldo told Betfair. “Some people think that Messi has deteriorated after Ronaldo left Spain. So this is a great opportunity for both of them to regain their peak form when competing on the field.”

Messi and Ronaldo have not faced off on the field since the summer of 2018, when the Portuguese superstar joined Juventus. The past two years, the performance of the duo that dominated world football a decade ago has gone down, especially in the Champions League. Messi once reached the semi-finals and once in the quarter-finals, and Ronaldo has never reached the fourth round of the team.

All are on the other side of the slope of their career, the chances for Messi and Ronaldo to reign at the top of world football are not many. That was one more reason why the upcoming confrontation, Rivaldo believed. “With the other two opponents, Dynamo Kiev and Ferencvaros, Barca and Juventus are almost certain to continue,” analyzed the 1999 Golden Ball. “Both Messi and Ronaldo are mentally comfortable to enter the fairest competition. The game itself will motivate the insiders. It’s great to see such a positive relationship possible. show up on the field, in as little as 180 minutes.

Barca, the team that brought Rivaldo to world star, is currently in the process of rebuilding under Ronald Koeman. However, the owner of Camp Nou does not shop much in the summer of 2020, but mainly pushes away the players. They are pursuing Memphis Depay, but have not received positive signals from Lyon. “Barca still finds an attacker to replace Luis Suarez. They will be happy if there is Depay,” Rivaldo said. “However, it is very difficult to find a player with the quality and fighting spirit like Suarez. I am afraid that there is a long way to go before Barca will have a worthy replacement, because all strikers brought back will be lost Compared to Suarez. This puts a lot of pressure on them”.

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Ronaldo once had a secret love when he learned Georgina Rodriguez

The Portuguese media revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo still has another secret love while getting to know his current girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez.

Ronaldo started dating his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez in 2016. At that time, she was just a salesman at the Gucci fashion store chain. On the contrary, Ronaldo is very famous and rich, so he is always surrounded by beauties whose reputation is not inferior to him.

The Portuguese striker used to have many secret relationships and even hired someone to give birth to him. One such relationship was revealed by the Portuguese media.

Sharing on the program Viva la Vida, journalist Adriano Silva revealed many interesting details when Ronaldo first met and learned Georgina Rodriguez. In it, Mr. Silva said, Ronaldo had a secret relationship with the American MC, Alyson Eckmann.

At the time, Alyson was MCing for Telecinco’s “Hable con ellas” program. She met Ronaldo at several events held in Madrid after the Portuguese player bid farewell to his girlfriend Irina Shayk. But their relationship did not last long because Alyson did not want to ask for a player as famous as Ronaldo.

In fact, after breaking up, model Irina Shayk accused Ronaldo of cheating her to have an affair with dozens of women around the world. Last year, Ronaldo was also accused of raping model Kathryn Mayorga in 2009, but the court acquitted.

After being rejected by Alyson, Ronaldo officially dated Georgina and lives happily together today. Journalist Adriano Silva revealed that Ronaldo’s mother revealed to a newspaper he collaborated about CR7 preparing to marry Georgina but did not know the exact time.

As for Alyson Eckmann, the beauty does not need to rely on Ronaldo to be famous because she herself is very beautiful and talented.

Alyson’s name is most widely known when she won the reality show Big Brother VIP season 5 in 2017. Right now, Alyson is happy with her boyfriend Joey Love.

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Bartomeu: I can’t let Messi go

President Josep Maria Bartomeu asserted that in the interests of Barca, he must be determined to keep Lionel Messi in the summer of 2020.

“I will not cause a conflict with him. Messi is the captain of the team, the leader of the team. I cannot let him leave the club. Messi is the best player of all time and The team needs him. Owning Messi is a guarantee of success”, Bartomeu told TV3.

Near the end of August, Messi asked to leave a year ahead of his contract. The decision was made by the 33-year-old star not long after Barca lost a big 2-8 defeat to Bayern in the Champions League. Barca, headed by President Bartomeu, refused to allow the Argentine striker to leave for free. Finally, Messi decided to stay. However, he still expressed his anger and criticized Bartomeu for not keeping his word, once-promising to let him go at the end of the season.

“We saw him talking on the pitch and now is the time to move on after the leaving controversy,” Bartomeu said. “We should congratulate ourselves for having kept Messi successful and on his manners for the past few days. The best player in the world should stay in our house.”

Messi is committed to his stay and will continue to dedicate himself to Barca, and he is showing it on the pitch. In the Girona match on September 17, Messi scored two goals, helping Barca to win three friendly matches before the new season began.

Meanwhile, Bartomeu is facing a new war when more than 20,000 club members sign a request for a no-confidence vote with him. Barca’s leadership will decide on this in the next two weeks. Bartomeu said he is still focused on his work, not mindful of the demands of the protesting group. “The leadership and I will continue to work to make sure we have the most competitive team. We’ll say this again after the signatures are confirmed. At this point, no one wants to give up. The club will move on and we have a lot to rearrange,” Bartomeu said.

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Messi was shocked by his teammates in Barca

The Spanish press evoked a very strange incident going on in Barca, whose main content was about Lionel Messi.

In an article published early today (September 1, local time), journalist Juan Jimenez of AS (Spain) gave a series of doubts and judgments about the situation behind the scenes.

According to Jimenez, except for Luis Suarez and Arturo Vidal, who have a close relationship with Messi and have just been determined by Coach Ronald Koeman for the future, there are not any players in the current Barca team make a personal opinion or take a move related to Messi’s situation.

Earlier, Messi and Suarez were seen driving out of the hotel after dinner in Barcelona on August 26, the day after Messi faxed a request to terminate his contract with Barca. Vidal recently posted a forum to claim Messi is an alien in Barca but still needs help, after judging that Barca currently has only 13 professional players.

The strangest case that Jimenez named in this incident was Gerard Pique, who came from the same Barca training camp as Messi and had an almost one-family relationship with the Argentine superstar.

However, in recent days, Pique has not made any move, both on social networks and in real life. Pique’s latest statement came after a 2-8 defeat to Bayern.

The darling of the other La Masia oven like Sergio Busquets or Sergi Roberto also silenced a little.

According to Jimenez, Busquets and Messi’s relationship was a bit chipped when the Spanish midfielder said Messi had influenced Ernesto Valverde to remove his name from the main team, and then not be used at La Liga 2019/20 opening match when Barca lost 0-1 to Bilbao at San Mames.

Some other quite influential figures in the Barca dressing room like goalkeeper Ter Stegen, or defender Alba do not have any movement about the incident, let alone rookie Griezmann.

The last message sent out by the Barca dressing room related to Messi is the reprint of Messi’s statement about the team being reduced by 70% in March 2020.

Jimenez said there were two reasons why this strange atmosphere happened in Barca.

The first may be the caution of the players, in order to avoid statements that are not favorable for the team as well as for the most powerful player in the team. The second is that Messi no longer receives support from his teammates. This is probably the most shocking thing.

The journalist of the AS newspaper also pointed out a more remarkable detail, when the person considered Messi’s spokesman, Pepe Costa, suddenly disappeared on social networks or in statements supporting M10 as before. This character acts as Messi’s spokesperson and translator before the outside world, not only in club problems but in any field related to the life of number 10 Barca.

It should be known that Pepe Costa is one of the few enduring professionals, despite the changes in leadership, from Joan Laporta to Sandro Rosell and Josep Bartomeu.

From a loyal guard of Sandro Rosell, Pepe Costa gradually became one of the few people to win Messi’s trust. Later, even Messi severed close ties with fitness expert Juanjo Brau to get closer to Pepe Costa.