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Roy Keane is disappointed with Derby Manchester

The Man Utd legend looked depressed when he saw the most elegant Derby Manchester in history.

Contrary to the opinion of football prediction experts, the most anticipated match in the 12th round of the Premier League between Man Utd and Man City was not as attractive and dramatic as expected. The goalless draw reflected exactly what happened on the field as the two teams played too safe and did not seem ready to risk going up to find the full 3 points.

Witnessing the showdown between Man Utd and Man City, legendary Roy Keane shared that he felt very disappointed. This is also the general perception of those who have watched football live in this match.

Specifically, sharing on Sky Sports, the former captain of the Red Devils said:

“In terms of the squad quality, it is clear that we have the right to expect and expect high levels from both teams in this match. This is one of the worst Derby Manchester games I have ever seen. The players lacked the desire to win clearly. The referee only pulled out 2 correct cards, this shows how high safety is placed and the dedication is almost gone.

I have never seen a Derby match when the two sides ended up hugging and chatting so much.

If I go to a Derby, I will be very angry and disappointed because we go on the pitch and determined to do everything to win. I was right before the game when Man City dominated this match with a superb ball control time. However, that number is meaningless when they just pass back and forth and it is too predictable. With the quality of the squad, it is disappointing to see Man City play like that”.

Regarding Man Utd, their defense deserves praise for their good performance. However, in general, this is still a lack of fire and brings a lot of boredom.

With the draw at Old Trafford this morning, Man Utd continued to stand in 8th place and Man City was right behind with 1 point less.