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Messi and his teammates made it difficult for Barca on the salary negotiation table

Messi and his teammates are making it difficult for Barca’s leadership on the negotiating table to reduce the salary to solve the financial difficulties of the club.

Messi and his teammates have yet to reach an agreement with Barca’s interim leadership on salary cuts. The source of La Vanguardia newspaper said, the latest meeting between the representatives of the two sides took place on Wednesday this week but has not come to a mutual agreement.

Barca’s leadership suggested players reduce about 30% of their salary this season, equivalent to about 190 million euros. Meanwhile, the players want to agree with the new leadership of the club, not the temporary bureaucracy that only handles simple administrative procedures.

This negotiation has been going on for more than 2 months but has yet to find a common voice. The two sides will meet again next Monday (November 23) to completely resolve this issue.

If it is not possible to reach an agreement with the players, Barca’s interim leadership may have to unilaterally decide to reduce salary. But this also means that they will face a class action lawsuit from the players.

Earlier this year, Messi and his teammates accepted a 70% salary reduction to help the club overcome financial difficulties when the COVID-19 outbreak broke out. But because the epidemic has not been extinguished, Barca’s income this season has been severely damaged.

Financial experts predict that the COVID-19 translation will make Barca lose about 300 million euros in the 2020/21 season. Therefore, the club needs to cut about 190 million euros in player salaries to avoid bankruptcy.

Barca are trying to reach personal agreements with some key players such as Ter Stegen, Pique, De Jong and most importantly, Messi, the highest paid player in the team.

On the other hand, Barca is also expected to reap about 200 million euros from the sale of a 50% stake in Barca Corporate which owns Barca Studios, Barca Licensing & Merchandising, Barca Innovation Hub and Barca Academies.

Before that, Barca had to sell a series of old players with high salaries such as Luis Suarez, Ivan Rakitic or Arturo Vidal.

Spanish financial experts forecast that if Barca can not persuade the players to reduce their salary, the club may have to declare bankruptcy early next year.

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Which team did MU kick with on the opening day of the Premier League?

Although MU did not play round 1 of the Premier League, MU still played on September 12. Who is the opponent of “Red Devils”?

Because Man City and MU entered the European Cup and Europa League last season, the two Manchester teams were postponed to play the first round of the Premier League 2020/21. This is required by the European Football Federation (UEFA) when teams have to rest at least 30 days before the season.

Therefore, MU will start to play in the Premier League from the second round with rival Crystal Palace (23:30, September 19). Meanwhile, the confrontation with Burnley (round 1) has not yet determined the time to play. Likewise is the match between Man City and Aston Villa.

However, Solskjaer’s teachers and students will not play in the opening day of the Premier League. According to the Manchester Evening News, MU will play a friendly match with Aston Villa on September 12 to “respond” to the first round of the Premier League. This is considered an important preparation step for the new season.

The source revealed this was the last pre-season friendly match for the Old Trafford team . In fact, coach Solskjaer also did not have much time to prepare for this match and lacked many personnel.

Paul Pogba infected with Covid-19 so he definitely did not attend. Marcus Rashford was injured while on duty at England. Mason Greenwood is in a separate practice due to a violation of the rules of conduct in Iceland. Meanwhile, captain Harry Maguire only trained earlier this week after the Greek controversy.

Besides, Bruno Fernandes (Portugal), Anthony Martial (France) or Victor Lindelof (Sweden) are not in the best physical condition after fighting with the national team in the UEFA Nations League 2020/21. Therefore, it is likely that the Norwegian teacher will test and trust young players in this friendly match.

The player most anticipated by the MU fans is probably rookie Donny Van De Beek. The Dutch midfielder has only just joined Old Trafford and has only had a few getting to know the team. This match is scheduled to take place at 20:00 on September 12 at Villa Park Stadium in Birmingham.

The last visit here, MU won 3-0 with goals from Fernandes, Greenwood and Pogba.