Champions League

Barca has been the king of goals in Europe for the past five years

Barca is the team with the most goals and the best average in the five major European leagues, according to research by Opta.

Opta’s research shows that, before the season was suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Barcelona was Europe’s top scoring team in the past five years in five major European leagues.

Since 2015, Barca has maintained an average goal in La Liga of 2.73 goals per game. During this period, they played 201 matches and scored 549 goals.

Barcelona has long had an impressive arsenal of attacking weapons. The first is the MSN trident made up of Leo Messi, Luis Suarez, Neymar. The current season sees the combination of Antoine Griezmann with 2 seniors.

Fans can easily guess who is Barca’s scoring king as Messi contributed 180 goals in 181 games, which earned him 6 Pichichi and the Golden Boot.

In the rankings of the clubs with the most goals in the past 5 years, only PSG – the dominant team in Ligue 1, is close to Barca, reaching 2.65 goals per game. To achieve this rate, they scored 524 goals in 198 games. The best ADC is Edinson Cavani with 115 goals in 152 games.

Next is Bayern Munich with an average of 2.59 goals per game in the Bundesliga (461 goals in 178 games). The best striker is none other than Robert Lewandowski (146 goals in 167 matches).

Man City of Pep Guardiola is considered the most effective team in England with an average of 2.32 goals per game in the Premier League (462 goals in 199 games).

The current season, Barcelona scored 63 goals in 27 games (2.33 average). However, this ratio is far behind many other teams, such as PSG is 2.77 (75 goals after 27 games), Bayern Munich 2.92 (73 goals after 25 games), Man City 2.42 (68 goals after 28 games).