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Ronaldo once had a secret love when he learned Georgina Rodriguez

The Portuguese media revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo still has another secret love while getting to know his current girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez.

Ronaldo started dating his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez in 2016. At that time, she was just a salesman at the Gucci fashion store chain. On the contrary, Ronaldo is very famous and rich, so he is always surrounded by beauties whose reputation is not inferior to him.

The Portuguese striker used to have many secret relationships and even hired someone to give birth to him. One such relationship was revealed by the Portuguese media.

Sharing on the program Viva la Vida, journalist Adriano Silva revealed many interesting details when Ronaldo first met and learned Georgina Rodriguez. In it, Mr. Silva said, Ronaldo had a secret relationship with the American MC, Alyson Eckmann.

At the time, Alyson was MCing for Telecinco’s “Hable con ellas” program. She met Ronaldo at several events held in Madrid after the Portuguese player bid farewell to his girlfriend Irina Shayk. But their relationship did not last long because Alyson did not want to ask for a player as famous as Ronaldo.

In fact, after breaking up, model Irina Shayk accused Ronaldo of cheating her to have an affair with dozens of women around the world. Last year, Ronaldo was also accused of raping model Kathryn Mayorga in 2009, but the court acquitted.

After being rejected by Alyson, Ronaldo officially dated Georgina and lives happily together today. Journalist Adriano Silva revealed that Ronaldo’s mother revealed to a newspaper he collaborated about CR7 preparing to marry Georgina but did not know the exact time.

As for Alyson Eckmann, the beauty does not need to rely on Ronaldo to be famous because she herself is very beautiful and talented.

Alyson’s name is most widely known when she won the reality show Big Brother VIP season 5 in 2017. Right now, Alyson is happy with her boyfriend Joey Love.