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What are the positions that Man Utd needs to improve in the winter market?

Man Utd is exposing too many problems in all three lines, and here are three positions that the Reds need to quickly add quality personnel if they want to participate in the race to the Premier League silver cup.

Central defender

Not many people who watch live football appreciate Man Utd’s defense at the moment. Up to now, Man Utd is one of the teams with the weakest defense in the Top 6, although they have the most expensive midfield squad in the world Harry Maguire.

In addition to the English player who is always the number one choice in the center of defense, the remaining names more or less have their own problems. Eric Baily often made friends with the hospital bed rather than wearing shoes on the field. Meanwhile, experience is a barrier that Tuanzenbe can reach out to join the man to become the Reds No. 1 midfielder duo. The other case is that Victor Lindelof is too erratic.

If you want to compete for the Premier League and the Europa League, Man Utd needs to quickly bring in a classy midfielder.

Defensive midfielder

For a big club, they need to have at least two quality names in the same position to ensure squad depth. However, Man Utd is missing one of the most important positions with the match that coach Solskjaer is applying at Old Trafford, which is the defensive midfielder.

The only one who plays well in this position is Nemanja Matic. However, the Serbian player is 32 years old this year and he is not physically sure to plow through game after game. Therefore, the addition of a player who is capable of intercepting and recovering the ball is the top priority of Man Utd at this winter market. There are some typical names such as Eduardo Camavinga (Rennes) or Wilfred Ndidi (Leicester City).


The name most rumored by football experts for Man Utd in the transfer window last summer is that Jadon Sancho finally failed to land at Old Trafford. However, it is not except that the Red Devil will return to this deal in January.

Jadon Sancho is showing very disappointing performances in Dortmund shirt and live football viewers commented that he is losing motivation to contribute to the Rurh team. Man Utd can completely take advantage of this opportunity to cooperate with the British rebellious striker and Dortmund must agree to negotiate.

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Roy Keane is disappointed with Derby Manchester

The Man Utd legend looked depressed when he saw the most elegant Derby Manchester in history.

Contrary to the opinion of football prediction experts, the most anticipated match in the 12th round of the Premier League between Man Utd and Man City was not as attractive and dramatic as expected. The goalless draw reflected exactly what happened on the field as the two teams played too safe and did not seem ready to risk going up to find the full 3 points.

Witnessing the showdown between Man Utd and Man City, legendary Roy Keane shared that he felt very disappointed. This is also the general perception of those who have watched football live in this match.

Specifically, sharing on Sky Sports, the former captain of the Red Devils said:

“In terms of the squad quality, it is clear that we have the right to expect and expect high levels from both teams in this match. This is one of the worst Derby Manchester games I have ever seen. The players lacked the desire to win clearly. The referee only pulled out 2 correct cards, this shows how high safety is placed and the dedication is almost gone.

I have never seen a Derby match when the two sides ended up hugging and chatting so much.

If I go to a Derby, I will be very angry and disappointed because we go on the pitch and determined to do everything to win. I was right before the game when Man City dominated this match with a superb ball control time. However, that number is meaningless when they just pass back and forth and it is too predictable. With the quality of the squad, it is disappointing to see Man City play like that”.

Regarding Man Utd, their defense deserves praise for their good performance. However, in general, this is still a lack of fire and brings a lot of boredom.

With the draw at Old Trafford this morning, Man Utd continued to stand in 8th place and Man City was right behind with 1 point less.

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De Gea is constantly making mistakes at MU because of Cristiano Ronaldo?

Cristiano Ronaldo is being blamed for the hard-to-forgive mistakes of goalkeeper David de Gea in the MU shirt last time.

David De Gea continued to disappoint when making a mistake, causing MU to receive 2 goals and lose to Chelsea in the FA Cup semi-final. But this is not the first time the Spaniard has been criticized for this.

Since last season, De Gea has at least 6 mistakes that made MU lose points against Chelsea, Tottenham, Everton, Watford, Barca or Arsenal.

Many factors have been put in place to explain De Gea’s miserable performance, including a very strange cause related to Cristiano Ronaldo.

Some comments that Ronaldo must bear a responsibility for De Gea’s mistakes in the past though not in the same team and also played in two different tournaments. The last time the two faced each other took place since November 2018 when MU encountered Juventus in the Champions League group stage of 2018/19.

But Ronaldo destroyed De Gea’s confidence five months earlier when the two were featured in the Portuguese match against Spain in the 2018 World Cup group stage. Escape at the end of the battle. However, the second goal was a great help of De Gea.

In this situation, Ronaldo shot slightly and hit De Gea’s position, but because of a moment of distraction, he let the ball hit the ball and flew into the net.

It is worth mentioning that the Spaniard made a mistake after spending an outstanding season and won the Golden Glove Award in the English Premier League 2017/18 with a record of 18 clean sheets.

However, he made a mistake at the opening game of the 2018 World Cup. Since then, De Gea has frequently made very silly errors and Ronaldo is joked by many Man Utd fans that he made the Spanish goalkeeper lose confidence.

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Man Utd – Liverpool and the matches worth waiting for this week

Man Utd is the only team that makes Liverpool split points in the Premier League, before the reunion at Anfield.

Liverpool – Man Utd -Sunday, January 19

Since the beginning of the season, Man Utd was the only team that made Liverpool drop points in the Premier League. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s teachers used a reasonable strategy in the first leg and almost won, without Adam Lallana’s 1-1 equalizer at the end of the match. But the problem with Man Utd right now is that their midfield is completely inferior to the opponent.

Liverpool doesn’t have real stars floating in the middle of the pitch. But they have a stable and uniform framework. Every player who plays comes to know they have to perform well if they don’t want to be a substitute. With a gap too big for the second team, Liverpool has one hand on the championship. But if you can not win against Man Utd on the journey to the throne, it will be a minus point for teachers and students Jurgen Klopp.

Man Utd have defeated Wolves and Norwich recently. But their somewhat lackluster gameplay was gradually caught, no longer surprising the opponents that they could take advantage of the counter-kick. A back injury left Marcus Rashford’s ability to play open. If the striker is absent, it will be a great loss for Solskjaer’s army.

Juventus – Parma – 2h45 Monday, January 20

Juventus is not in the best form in Serie A this season. But they returned to the top of the table after beating Roma 2-1, while Inter were held to a 1-1 draw by Atalanta in the previous round. Next to the seventh team – Parma – this weekend is the opportunity for Maurizio Sarri’s army to win the fourth consecutive victory in all competitions.

The “old lady” is entering a pivotal period of the season. In the middle of next week, they face Roma in the National Cup before being a guest of Napoli on January 26. The Champions League will return next month. Therefore, Sarri needs to help the home team to create a certain distance in the race in Serie A to be able to focus for two matches against Lyon in the continental arena.