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Salah played for 90 minutes, coach Jurgen Klopp said?

Although the match against Midtjylland this morning was only procedural, coach Jurgen Klopp still surprised when he used Mohamed Salah for 90 minutes.

On the morning of December 10, the final matches of the Champions League group stage 2020/2021 took place. In Group D, Midtjylland welcomes Liverpool in a match that no longer has any special meaning. The home team was definitely eliminated with the bottom of the table, while The Kops won a ticket to the 1/8 round from the previous match with the first place.

Therefore, the football experts predict before the match, coach Jurgen Klopp will create opportunities for most of the stars to regularly sit on the bench as well as young players to express themselves. However, the German military leader was surprised when he launched a very strong squad. Before that, Mr. Klopp often complained about the dense competition schedule that affected his students’ health.

In this match, two Liverpool attackers Diogo Jota and Mohamed Salah plowed for almost 90 minutes. As for Jota, he appeared on the field until the 87th minute, while Salah even played the full game. It should be remembered that the Egyptian striker previously plowed his full reception to Wolves in the Premier League last weekend (Liverpool won 4-0).

Explaining his difficult decision, coach Jurgen Klopp said:

“You can change your roster in a match that is not so important, but you still have to keep some pillars. The Liverpool defender is having problems and that is why I let Fabinho play 45 minutes. In midfield, Naby Keita does not play often and he also cannot complete the match.

We decided to use Salah because of the circumstances on the pitch during the game. It is all for professional service. He looked fine and showed no signs of fatigue, if not very aggressive. So I decided to let Salah play the full 90 minutes. I met and talked to him after the first half, Salah said he was fine and no problem. So he continued to play until the end of the match”.

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Highlights after Liverpool 0-2 Atalanta match

Contrary to the opinion of football experts, Liverpool had a very poor playing day and deserved a defeat against a more determined opponent.

Liverpool’s worst match under Jurgen Klopp?

After Liverpool’s impressive 3-0 win over Leicester City last weekend, live football viewers await the Kop’s next sublime performance against opponents they have once beaten. 5 goals not removed in the first leg, Atalanta. Most football prediction experts assess that victory is completely within the reach of the British champions when Atalanta is experiencing a severe crisis of performance during the past time.

However, contrary to judgment, the red shirt team had 90 minutes of extremely disappointing at home. Not only did they show a fragmented play, a rare link loss, Liverpool could not stand up to effective attacks from Atalanta. It is possible to sympathize with the Anfield team when coach Jurgen Klopp has made many changes in the squad with the appearance of young players, but this does not excuse their total defeat. before the opponent. Even Liverpool’s strikers did not even have a hit goal in this match.

Night of the number 10 on the Atalanta side

It can be said that the character who directly brought 3 points to Atalanta in the match this morning was Alejandro Gomez. Not only showing the ability to regulate a super match, the Argentine star also prints the shoe directly in both Atalanta’s goals in this match.

At the opener, Gomez was the one who directly made the cross as if to let llicic score. In the goal that set the victory for the white shirt team, Gomez was the one who initiated the situation with the correct opening for Hateboer to have conditions for Gosens to finish easily to defeat Alisson.

Liverpool cannot be subjective

With Ajax winning all 3 points last night before Midtjylland, Liverpool is still leading the table, but the distance between them and the two teams behind Atalanta and Ajax has been reduced to 2 points. In the last two matches, Liverpool will have a confrontation with direct opponent Ajax. Meanwhile, the other opponent Midtjylland also holds many dangers as they have definitely been eliminated and will play with the spirit of having nothing to lose.