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MU languished for Cavani to debut

Edinson Cavani is unlikely to have a MU debut in the Newcastle match this weekend. But the Premier League giants beware the Uruguayan star.

Back after the national team series, MU fans are hoping to see their beloved team change their skin, get up after the 1-6 defeat with Tottenham. There, rookies like Edinson Cavani or Alex Telles, who only joined the “Red Devils” during the summer transfer window, were expected to have a manucian debut.

According to The Athletic, MU has found ways for Cavani to shorten the quarantine period. However, the rookie of the “Red Devils” must complete their quarantine until October 20. Cavani could not launch the MU shirt color during a trip to Newcastle’s field.

MU confirmed that Cavani took another week to quarantine. On October 21, “Red Devils” met PSG in the Champions League group stage 2020/21. Cavani is allowed to play in this match, but must be ready for fitness and form on the pitch.

Although Cavani could not immediately contribute to MU in the Premier League 2020/21, fans of “Red Devils” still have reasons to wait for this blockbuster contract with 0 VND. Because, Cavani was really a threat to the English Premier League giants during the period when he was on the PSG payroll or before that, Napoli.

According to statistics, Edinson Cavani has an extremely impressive record against the English Premier League giants. The Uruguayan striker has a total of 19 encounters with the giants of the “Big 6” group. Of these, Tottenham, the team that recently defeated MU 6-1, is the only British giant that has never faced Cavani.

Statistics from Planet Football show that Chelsea is the team that Cavani faces the most with 8 matches, including 4 wins, 2 draws and 2 defeats. In these 8 matches, “El Matador” scored 3 goals and 2 assists; with an average of 202.6 minutes / goal and every 121.6 minutes it contributes to a goal (to score or assist).

Next is Liverpool. When he was in Napoli and PSG, Edinson Cavani 4 times faced the Merseyside red shirt team, with a record of winning 1, drawing 1 and losing 2 matches. In these 4 matches, Cavani stunned, in return 2 assists. When facing the defending Premier League champions, Cavani takes part in a goal every 162.5 minutes of the host team.

With Man City, Edinson Cavani’s head-to-head record is much better. The 33-year-old striker scored 3 goals after 4 encounters, and the host team won 1, lost 1 and drew 2 matches. On average, Cavani every 115.6 minutes makes the MU neighboring team net.

Edinson Cavani twice faced Arsenal in the past, drawing both matches. Although he only played 2 matches, he also had 2 goals. Thus, whenever he confronts “Gunners”, he scores again.

And finally MU. Cavani has only met MU once in the past, which was a PSG defeat 1-3 in the Prince’s Park yard. Only in this match it took until the 90 + 5 minute, coach Tuchel let Cavani in. And of course that was not enough for him to make any mark.

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Giggs predicted terrible things for MU if Klopp and Guardiola did not leave

MU legend Ryan Giggs emphasizes the influence of Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola in the Premier League.

Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher recently interviewed Giggs and asked the Welsh monument if MU would have to wait as long as Liverpool to regain the Premier League throne.

They have potential and stars, so Liverpool is a good example to look at. They took the throne in 1990 and thought they could win them again soon, but in the end it took 30 years. Even Klopp took 4 and a half years to win this title.

He improved the team season by season or won other titles like the Champions League. The elevation of the team and the decrease in pressure happened little by little. Every coach and new signings are supposed to help us win the trophy, but it is not.

Previously, Giggs once thought that former teammate Ole Gunnar Solskajer was on the right track, but it took more time to be able to revive MU. “Solskjaer is more or less unlucky in the era of Klopp and Guardiola. Klopp is in his 5th year at Liverpool, Guardiola is also building Man City during that time. Pochettino spent 6 years at Tottenham. Solskjaer also deserves the same time.

Leading MU is a difficult job for Solskjaer now. The current team’s force is a mix of players from Sir Alex, David Moyes, Louis van Gaal and Jose Mourinho. Solskjaer needs time to build the squad the way he wants”, Giggs added.

Since Sir Alex retired in 2013, MU has never returned to the Premier League throne. The best result that the “Red Devils” Manchester has is second place in the 2017/18 Premier League led by Mourinho, but to 19 points behind neighbors Man City in the first place. Last season, Solskjaer learned an impressive game in the final stage, in time to finish 3rd to get tickets to the Champions League. However, MU is still quite far away from Liverpool and Man City.

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Ronaldo was almost MU sold to Barca like?

Cristiano Ronaldo was almost sold by Barca’s former team to Barca in 2009, not Real Madrid.

Cristiano Ronaldo has spent 9 successful seasons at Real Madrid. He won 2 La Liga titles and 4 C1 Cup championships and countless other individual and collective titles in the Spanish team. In addition, Ronaldo also became the greatest striker in Real Madrid history with 451 goals.

However, history could have been very different if MU decided to sell Ronaldo to Barca in 2009, not Real Madrid. This shocking information has just been revealed by former Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon.

However, the plans of Real Madrid and Ronaldo were almost destroyed by Sir Alex Ferguson. Former president Ramon Calderon revealed: “In fact, coach Alex Ferguson did not want Ronaldo to leave because he really did not like Real Madrid.”

“We are a big opponent of MU and have won everything that he wants. Although MU has many titles, Real Madrid has won even more. Perhaps that is why coach Alex Ferguson offered to sell Ronaldo to Barca.

In fact, Barca also approached MU in 2009 to ask to buy Ronaldo, while Calderon replaced as Real Madrid president Vicente Boluda wanted to cancel his commitment with Ronaldo. Boluda even worked with stork Jorge Mendes to agree to cancel the deal that Real Madrid will sign with Ronaldo in the summer of 2009.

“Barca of course was delighted with the opportunity, but Ronaldo was always clear about the commitment he signed with me to join Real Madrid and he didn’t want to change this, even though the violating party committed to compensating 30 million euro”.

The sudden interruption of Barca made many senior members of Real Madrid’s management fear that they would not be able to win any title in the next 10 years when facing Barca with both Messi and Ronaldo. Therefore, CEO Jose Angel Sanchez asked President Boluda to talk with former President Florentino Perez to find a solution.

Under the arrangement of Perez, Real Madrid continues to carry out the Ronaldo deal with a record transfer fee. This is a landmark decision to help Real Madrid reap countless titles in the next 9 seasons with the Portuguese star.