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The reason Ronaldo never joined the defense at MU

Ryan Giggs has revealed the reason why Cristiano Ronaldo never joined the defense when he was playing for MU when coach Sir Alex Ferguson.

Former player Ryan Giggs revealed that Ronaldo never had the thought of running to support the defense when he was playing for MU. CR7’s play forced Sir Alex Ferguson to change tactics when meeting big teams.

However, Ryan Giggs did not criticize Ronaldo, but explained why this style of kick made him one of the best players in the world.

Usually, the midfielders are asked to retreat to support when the home team loses the ball in order to bring balance. However, some players only focus on the task of attacking when they have special talent to help the home team to score and Ronaldo is one of such cases.

This explains why Sir Alex Ferguson only wanted Ronaldo to play on the opposing pitch instead of running home to support the home team. The speed, technique and ability to score goals of CR7 are very important for counterattack situations and Sir Alex does not want to miss this weapon.

Therefore, when meeting the big teams, Sir Alex Ferguson arranged another player in the midfield to retreat to support the defense for Ronaldo.

Share on beIN Sports, Ryan Giggs said: “The players who escape from the task of defense are the ones who decide to win. They bring more victory so you need to allow them to escape the defensive mission.

“Cristiano Ronaldo is such a player. That’s why Sir Alex added a player in the midfield when he met rivals such as Arsenal. When he met Chelsea, Darren Fletcher was tasked with Ashley Cole because Sir Alex knew Ronaldo did not return to support the defense.

“If we don’t include players like Hazard, Messi, Ronaldo or Neymar, they will be the ones who decide to win. If you are a top player, you can escape the defense, but you have to be special and you have to win more than lose”.